fuck the feminist logic

Aug 5

You have the right to be offended, but that doesn’t make you right



I think the anti crowd on here disliked SJWs so much that they went to the complete other side of the spectrum and have forgotten that oppression is still a thing. It’s not just a buzzword. It’s a horrible thing that is happening right now, even in America, and needs to…



Some Tumblr Feminists: Misandry 4 lyf
Some Tumblr Feminists: Misandry doesn’t exist

Some Tumblr Feminists: Feminists are solving all men’s issues
Some Tumblr Feminists: Men’s issues don’t exist

Some Tumblr Feminists: Men calling themselves feminists are sexist, this is a…

You don't care that five million Jews have been killed because of "cheap" and "rich" stereotypes? Those jokes are similar to strong black women jokes where black women are unrapeable. "Rich Jew" claims Jews can't be poor and suffering so it can give people an excuse to oppress them. There are black Jews cause all Jews aren't white. and Antisemitism is serious and that's bullshit propaganda you're talking about.



Listen millions of Black folk are dying everyday in America, South America, and Africa as a by product of colonialism and institutional racism (that White Jews have contributed to).

Who is oppressing Jews today? I see Donald Sterling (Jewish Man), I see Israel beating the shit out of Palestine and putting Africans in concentration camps. 

Yes I know there are “Black Jews” but the white Jews don’t even acknowledge them and treat the Ethiopian Jews like shit in Israel. 

Fuckin George Zimmerman was fuckin Jewish. So you can miss me with all that shit.

I’m a Black man in America, my people have been enslaved, murdered, raped, our culture has been taken away, our names have been taken away, every group (or subgroup) of White people have screwed my people over. That includes the Irish, Italians, The Wasps, and the Jews. Jewish people don’t give a fuck about us Blacks, so why the fuck am I gonna give more than a fuck about Cheap Jew jokes? 




Listen up gents:

I know it hurts your feelers when you see women joking about hitting you after you say something sexist or misogynistic.
But guess what.

Women are being cut, stabbed, burned with acid and killed simply for saying the word ‘no’.

So the next time you say something like ‘make me a sammich’ and a woman kicks you in the nuts, instead of thinking ‘fuck feminism’ think; “wow, maybe I shouldn’t have fucking said that. “

lol it’s not like men don’t get cut, stabbed, burned with acid and killed either, no not at all. It’s not like women don’t say sexist things to men either, no not at all. 
Round of applause for the 100 billionth feminist to make something all about women again. Round of applause for the movement of "equality". 

A man erasing men’s problems to fit in with feminists. I’m sure the menwho are abused by their female spouses or male rape victims who are ridiculed and ignored will be glad to hear this

This is why I can’t stand male feminists. 



Abolish the idea that feminism has to be polite.

how about we just abolish feminism









Okay but this… Doesn’t actually happen…

oh, yes it does. It happens a lot.

Just because it hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened to someone else. 

this actually never happens lmao

yes it does and it’s happening right now. but I guess if you choose to ignore it then it doesn’t happen lmao.

"this actually never happens lmao"

You must be new here. 

nah they’re just trying the jedi mind trick but it’s not working because they’re not a jedi, they’re an asshole.

this definitely does not happen and is a huge exaggeration caused by a small amount of people who seem to have experienced one event and now blame the whole of tumblr for it. 

Oh please, I see this all the time.

I’ve seen non-white people who disagree with SRWs be accused of being white, and when the accusations were proven wrong, accused of being an “uncle tom race traitor”.

I’ve seen people call fucking Martin Luther King Jr. an “uncle tom” for fucks sake.

This happens, and it happens quite often.

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Hey male feminists, want to hear a cool trick? You can support equality for women without hating your gender and act like a feminist doormat. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? 

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It never has.

It never has and it never will, but tumblrites are so pent up with unrestrained hatred and anger that they don’t care.  They just want to lash out, like a child screaming at bed time.  It won’t change a thing other than make you look like an idiot.

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I don’t need feminism because of ridiculous concepts like “all men are potential rapists”. That’s just crazy.

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